A Totally Non-Competitive Ginger Bread House Contest

On my 29 in 29 list, I mentioned that I had never made a ginger bread house, and wanted this to be my ginger bread year... with the Bugs... of course.

I got to talking with my siblings, and found out that none of them had ever dabbled in the whole ginger bread house bidness either... and then...

Light bulb!

A ridiculous idea came to me... one that was really so out of character for me that I wasn't sure if anyone would be on board.

First I called my Brother and Sister in Law, who are always down for a good time and pretty much never say, "No," to anything.

I'm all: "Let's make ginger bread houses... together... like all of us... on Thanksgiving... is that weird?"

As soon as the words were out of my mouth I felt dumb for asking and figured they were probably picturing us all sitting in a circle singing "Kumbaya," and wondering if I had really lost it this time.

To my surprise my Sister in Law was like: "It's not weird.... if it's a competition."

And that is how the Most Serious Ginger Bread House Contest of All Time was born.

Sadly, neither one of my children had any interest in taking part in making a Ginger Bread anything with me.... eating it; yes, building it; no.

We worked in teams, and I got stuck with Husband... who pretty much only participated so no one would make him change diapers.

He was of course, down to have a good ol' time shoving candy into his face by the handfuls... but the J-E-T-S were playing, and there was a fafillion football games to watch so you know... priorities.

Anyway, with my partner MIA for most of the competition; I was happy that we had made our plan the day before, and I more or less knew how to build an aircraft carrier...

By myself... out of graham crackers.

What the?

I know.

Why is it covered in frosting? Why is it... all of the things that it is... just.. why?

I don't know... I just don't know.

It's weird as Hell.

Here's the other thing: My brother called me the day before the contest and was like... "You may as well just stay home, we are going to win."

Real nice huh?

Well.. he was right.

I know.

It was pretty much in the bag for those two the second they pulled out the shredded wheat for the top of the Tiki Bar... they thought of EVERYTHING!

Who knew that my brother and his wife were secretly The Cake Bosses of Ginger Bread houses?

Had I known this; I might not have been so excited to play their Ginger Bread games... not that I am a sore loser... I just don't like playing with winners.

Keepin' it real folks.

In case you are wondering... yes those are gummie BEERS on the bar, that is a ginger bread man bartending, and oh, yup, of course... those are Airheads molded into Palm Trees.


My sisters, when they weren't threatening to kill each other over candy placement... created a singing house... with lights.

OF COURSE those little bitches would make a singing house. Of course they would.

I know... what the fuck is up with my siblings and being the most creative people on Earth??

See if I ever play a game with them again.

My Brother and Sister in Law took first place... obviously... and my Sisters took second... which left me and Husband... you guessed it... as the caboose.

Last place.

But we had an awesome time doing this ridiculous project...

Plus it kept us off the couch after our big ol' Turkey slash Pop-Tart feast.

Not gonna lie, it helped that we had seventy five bags of candy within five inches of our face the whole time...

By the end of the competition all six of us, we were all a little shakey and a lot foaming at the mouth.

But... this is something none of us had ever done before, and will probably never do again.

Except for my Brother and Sister-In-Law... I'm pretty sure those two are going to quit their day jobs, buy oompa loompas, and start a Ginger Bread House sweat shop in their basement.


  1. Ooh this is good, your brother consistently swears up and down that he isn't creative! I'm gonna go make fun of him now!

    1. Not creative?! His tiki ginger creation was straight off the pages of Martha Stewart! It was outrageous!

  2. Lolololol they sold me with the airhead palm tree. I feel like they committed to googling this project for real. Also I feel like maybe were like the Katie and sherry of mom blogs (even though I neglect mine) and we should be best friends no???

    1. Yes we are so Katie and Sherry... with less talk about bacon and ceramic animals.

    2. Alright perfect let's get this going. Bffs.

    3. Well need to start working on this ASAP.

  3. Wow! all the three looked good but my personal favorite is the singing house and your sisters should have won. Anyways have great fun guys!

  4. Clearly two comments would be excessive so pick just one to read lol


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