Teething Bites, Plus A Winner!

I was spoiled rotten with Lovebug.

He had a mouth full of teeth by his 1st birthday, and never let teething phase him... not once.

Of course, we all knows kids are different, and my two are no exception.

So, because teething was no big thang with Lovebug, naturally it would be the end of the world for Ladybug.

My poor Girlfriend is getting 3 molars at once right now.

This is my all time favorite picture on Earth to photoshop.

She has the teething dramatics symptoms like woah.

The fever, the non-sleeping, the screaming all damn day and night... the endless diaper blow outs.

She has even been trying to breastfeed... which, she hasn't done in over a month!

I feel like I am teething too at this point... because I am exhausted, irritated, and not really very nice at all, anymore.

We have tried every damn teething tablet and gel on the market.

It's not the 80's anymore, so even though my parents thought it was okay to try to get me drunk and rub vodka on my gums... I haven't and won't try that on my own kids.

At least we all know I have my standards and draw the line at making my kid a White Russian...

Even so... I had to find some way to shut that damn kid up.

I know, I know... she is in pain, wah wah... let's just talk about how I got her to shut up.

After four days of her waking up at 3 am FOR THE DAY... LIKE UNTIL NAP TIME AT 1 PM... I had had enough.

I went to the grocery store looking like a hot mess.

I pretty much grabbed a 16 year old cashier by his neck and said... "Take me to your teething aisle. Now damn it."

Ok I might be exaggerating, but I was a little strung out so the details are fuzzy.

I'm not sure if it was because of beautimous appearance, my dragon breathe, or the fact that my eyes were bloodshot from staying up with a 14 month old 4 nights in a row... but the kid RAN for the Pharmacy.

And you know what?

God bless that kid.

I really wish only good things for him and his pimply face because he came back to me with four tubes of teething goodness-wonderment that we had yet to try.

Only one said, "Nighttime," which usually translates to: Will knock your kid the eff out; so obviously... I chose that one.

The verdict?

We are sleeping again!!

This is the good shit, and if you have a toddler that is sprouting molars... YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE.

This stuff is not for baby-babies poppin' out any old teeth... this is pretty much the equivalent to pulling out the big guns if you ask me... and shouldn't be used on the little guys.

All that to say...

I am beat... my Girlfriend is finally sleeping, and I about to faceplant into my bed like a starfish.


Oh yeh, I almost forgot... the winner of the blue cape!

Congratulations are in order for Chris N.!

Chris is the mom of 3 boys and finally has a little girl on the way!!

What a perfect winner for such an adorable prize!


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  1. Poor Ladybug... but that photo is hysterical. Aubs was like Lovebug she popped all of her teeth besides her 2 year molars by the time she was 10 months.

    1. well then I guess you're in for it with Fin!


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