This is the story of two kids... and lots of soup.

It was a good idea in theory....

But before I knew it...the soup was being thrown in all directions.

Sorry, no action shots.

I was ducking for cover.

I did manage to snag this shot of Lovebug taking Ladybug's soup away though...

And then this one of her handling it so well...

Alas, a minute later...she was over it.

And he was all...

No one got hurt. Or stuck in the floor.

In that regard, the soup was a success. And probably a little boring for all of you.

My apologies.

(The End.)


  1. I lol-ed.
    I thought you were going to tell me someone's toe got squished by soup.

  2. Haha!! I really do love the captions you have given your daughter as she throws a tantrum! So awesome!

  3. This is too funny! Your posts always have me LOLing. ;)

    1. You know how it is with two... you gotta laugh or you'll cry!

  4. "No soup for you" lol! Your posts are the best!

  5. this is too cute! i love the commentary especially the no soup for you!


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