Pumpkins (Like You Care)

I know, I know.

Everyone on the blogosphere is posting pictures of their pumpkins like they are something friggin' special.

So annoying, I know.

But... I took the damn pictures, so humor me and look at them, alright?

Truth be told...

I had no idea how to make carving a pumpkin fun for  a three year old... he can't use a knife, so that was really out of the question.

He also has pretty much zero interest in painting, so getting our artsy on was out too.

So I said to my self: "Self. what does that kid like?"

Well.... He really likes to hit things.

And so... I stole an idea from his school, where they have a log full of thumb tacks for the kids to hit.

First, I dug around in Husband's junk yard garage, and found this box of random screws and nails.

Then I tap-tapped those suckers into a pumpkin, and handed Lovebug a rubber mallet for him to finish off the job.

This was a perfect project for a three year old... he was very methodical about his tapping and kept demanding more nails.

The end result, is kind of weird, but I love it anyway.

I also painted a ladybug pumpkin, for Ladybug, obvi.

And that big guy in the back is our obligatory, only-looks-good-in-the-dark, jack-o-lantern.

He's not perfect, but you try carving a pumpkin with two hooligans trashing your house... not so easy!

Just a few more hours... and I will light that guy's face up, and drag my kiddies around the block so they can fetch me ma dinna!


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  1. It's a Pinhead Pumpkin - perfect!!

  2. I love this idea and kind of want to make one for myself. :)


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