On Blogging (Thanks)

Thanks guys... seriously... thanks.

Do I say this too much?? Can you be too grateful??

No one is more surprised than me that people are actually reading this blog.

I just wanna throw that out there.

When I first started blogging (don't. just don't go back to the beginning, it is so embarrassing)... I didn't really know who my audience was, or who I wanted to be as a writer.

I tried a few different approaches, but none of them felt authentic to who I really am.

Then one day I was at the Gym telling my friends a story about something ridiculous that happened at home... and they were all laughing hysterically.

My language was a bit colorful, without being offensive.

My hands were gesturing like crazy, and I was imitating Lovebug's little voice perfectly.

That's when it hit me.

I realized who should be writing my blog...

Me... like the real me.


The me that swears, gets overly excited ((about everything)), and is kind of sassy, and fresh.

It wasn't long before people started responding, and reading... and well, here we are.

I am still honored and surprised everyday when I check my hits, or when I see friends I haven't seen in awhile that tell me they read regularly.

I mean... I don't know how bored you people are... but I am happy that you spend some time here... laughing at my life.

I mean laughing with me...

At my life.

All that to say... if I could buy each of you a beer, or give you a big squeezing-a-tad-too-tight virtual hug to say thanks... I would.

I think you're all awesome.

I mean we're friends, right?

If you were here right now we would probably be talking about our husbands, and our periods... while eating chocolate and watching Sex & The City reruns.

So... consider us girlfriends, please.

Because I do.

Thanks for reading... that's all. Just, thanks.


  1. Thank YOU for being so entertaining and awesome. I'll continue to keep voting for ya to make you numero uno like you should be. :)


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