It's A Beautiful Day In Our Neighborhood

It is 80 degrees in the North East today... hello? It's October!

I just pulled my jeans out on Monday, and already I'm back in a sundress and flip flops!

Even though I am so ready for crisp fall air, apple pie, and pumpkin picking... the beautiful hot weather means the kids are outside playing their faces off... which means looooong naps.

I love you nap time, I do. I'd marry you if I could.

Anyway, this is what 80 degrees in October looks like at our house.

My mom and I found this cute hanging pumpkin man at a Tag Sale in Maine for $10... it also came with a Turkey and a Santa to sub out for the holidays.

I love that little pumpkin and would totally wear him around my neck Flava Flav style if I thought Husband would let me.

And this kid?

He's finally eating again!

After 5 days of being sick, we finally kicked that fever, and got him to eat something other than Popsicles.

Thank you 3 hours of fresh air (it has been raining here since... like... I don't know, Easter? Not really, but close).

Alright so whose coming over to help pick up the yard??

PS... A new reader found this in my archives... I forgot all about this post, but it still holds true today.


  1. The weather here (VA) has been just as warm. Some old lady said all passive aggressively to Natalie in the grocery store yesterday, "Where's your jacket? Gotta keep a jacket handy at all times" because she was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. It was at least 80 degrees outside. Really irritated me.

    Glad you guys have been enjoying the weather! Have a great weekend. :)

  2. What darling pictures and what a beautiful family you have. It's been super warm here in California too! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the pictures, your kids are adorable!! and I love nap time too, its my favorite!!!


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