I'm Proud.

Like all brothers and sisters, my children terrorize each other... because they can.

However, we are extremely fortunate and proud to say that the hugging heavily outweighs the harassment around here.

Lovebug and Ladybug are... to our profound happiness, the very best of friends... (still).


I would love to say that the closeness between these two is a direct result of our stellar parenting skills, but... this just kinda happened... with no pressure from us at all.

I like to suspect that all this hugging, and cuddling is learned behavior, because we are super affectionate in this house.... 

I couldn't even begin to guess how many hugs and kisses I give a day.... fifty? A hundred?

Combine that with the fact that we do almost every single thing together, as a family... and well, these two have spent very few hours of their lives apart.

We don't use babysitters, we grocery shop, watch football, and walk around the block... as a foursome.

When it's time to pick up Lovebug from pre-school... my Girlfriend pretty much baby sprints to the car.

The Dolls are very similar to Husband and I, and honestly just hate to be apart.

I can't say that we do everything (anything?) right, or that we ever will... 

We, of course, question our parenting skills all the time... that's just life.

But when I look at our children snuggling, and laughing together... 

When I see their eyes light up at the very sight of each other...

I know that somewhere along the line, at some point during all this chaos that is our lives... we did something right.

And for that... I am proud.

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  1. I so agree with you! I have a three year old girl and a little boy that is one. When I see them loving on each other it just melts my heart, and that is when I think, Yep we created these little monkeys and as of right now my life is great!!!


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