Happy Friday!

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Anyway... one of my most supportive readers, Alexis, suggested a while back that I post more videos... so, here it is folks, one of my all time favorite videos ever taken of my kids.

(You're probably gonna want to make this full screen to get the full booty shaking affect, and lower your volume... cause my Dollface... she's got pipes.)


Girlfriend was just tryin' to break it down Harlem Shake style... and Boyfriend rained on her wiggly little parade.

Typical Big Brother.

I think (I hope) he will still be doing this to her in High School when she is dancing on a table at a keg party.

I'd love to say she won't do that until College, but come on, let's be serious... it's gonna be High School.

I have watched this movie 100 times, and maybe it's just because their my kids... but it never gets old.

PS... Yes, my husband is freakishly good at whistling.


  1. i watch this video all the time too!!!

  2. That's me!!!!!!! I am totally famous! I am terrible at keeping up the blog though. (I was also on two TLC shows.. did you know that?) So now I am triple-y famous. Hence why I give you so much credit because you have to be very motivated! Also, your kids are funny... mine is adorable... but limited in his potential because he's still too young. I surely hope he is as awesome as Lovebug one day though.

    More videos! Or maybe you guys should get a reality show...

    I'd watch for hours lol.


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