Happy Football Sunday!

You could set your watch to our Sunday schedule.

1- Wake up.

2- Dress the kids in their J-E-T-S gear.

3- Head out into the sunshine.

Nothing makes Husband happier than family, friends, football, and food...

Combine that with seeing our little Bug team run around decked in green and forget about it:

Husband is the happiest guy around... at least until the games start anyway.

By default, and because they have no choice... our Dolls will be raised Jets fans...

Sundays will continue to be about family, football, and wearing green until they are old enough to decide that they either hate sports... or like the Patriots...

At which time... they will go live with their Uncle.
In case you are like me and don't give a shit about football...
That is a giant, foam, ridiculous Patriots hat on my brother's head.

Have fun with that kids.

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