29 in 29 Update: Cake Decorating

The coolest thing about making a list of things I'd like to do before my next birthday, is that people from every corner of my life want to help me get 'er done.

Like my friend Amanda, who was super casual when she said... "I know how to decorate cakes."

She didn't say... "I am pretty much the Cake Boss, no big dee."

Amanda told me to pick out any kind of cake I wanted to make, so I suggested some sort of  witch / caldron / Halloweenish combo deal.

Two days before our class, Amanda made a cake for us to use as an example during our class... it turned out pretty amazing:

I know.

She also pre-made butter cream frosting, Rice Krispie Treats, and fondant, and divided everything into two... one for me, and one for my friend Erin, who joined the cake class extravaganza.

Preparing ahead of time helped us avoid things turning into a friggin' cluster...

It was a rare morning off for me, so I was thrilled that there was no surprises or chaos... just Girlfriends, and chocolate.

I thought the entire process was so interesting and really loved being able to learn something new... like who knew that the witch would be made of Rice Krispie Treats??

Amanda owns every baking tool and gizmo known to man, plus she has freaking endless knowledge about sweets...

Like... hello, did you know that you can use a clothes steamer to get excess cornstarch off of fondant to clean it up??

Do you even know what I am talking about, because this morning, I didn't even know what that sentence meant.

Two hours and nine hundred questions from me... (and none from Erin) later... we had these:

This picture makes me laugh because Erin has impeccable, classic taste (just check out her kitchen behind us), and is a little more reserved than me... her cake is totally perfect and every eyeball looks immaculate.

Me on the other hand... I am a little louder, and things are always a little chaotic and ridiculous when I'm around... my cake definitely reflects that... it's like a little extra excited or something...

Amanda said that every single inch of our cakes was edible, minus the lollipop sticks that held our witches together.

That said... you know I had to test that theory when I got home... which explains why my hands are shaking, and I am foaming at the mouth... too. much. sugar.

**Sidenote: Cake decorating happened immediately after I went to the Gym (because that makes sense.).. Anyway, the outfit = explained.


  1. Wow that's super impressive. An attempt by me would've led a huge mess of rice krispies and fondant. I am food-challeneged.

  2. I agree with Nessa. That is so impressive!!! I wish I'm THAT good. Ha ha ha.



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