29 in 29: I'm Failing

So... I made a list of things I should do, because I hadn't done them before... right??

Well, as time has gone on, and I am slowly tackling said list... I have started to realize something.

I haven't done them... because I. DON'T. WANT. TO.

My 29 in 29 list is a bunch of stuff that scares the shit out of me, or that takes time and work and... listen, I'm tired, and full of excuses.

I fucking hate that stupid list... and wish I never committed to doing it.

It taunts me and makes me feel guilty.

Like that time I told my CCD teacher that Christopher Columbus parted the Red Sea (turns out it was Moses)... that Catholic guilt haunted me for-ev-er.

 My 29 in 29 list is doing the same thing.

At the end of August I water-skiied.

I mean... kind of.

My aunt, whom I had no idea even knew I had a blog was like...

"Okay, I've got a boat, I've got skis, you've got arms and legs... let's go."

I was totally caught off guard and had no time to think of an excuse.

She totally sneak attacked me.

 Plus, she is like... a world class water skiier.

Ok, I'm exaggerating, she hasn't like won the World Series or anything, but she's freaking good.

She got me out there and started telling me what to do when I, "got up," on the skis.

I wasn't listening because I never thought I'd get up.

Well... I did, for about four seconds.

And then I did a straddle split Goofy style, face planted, and drank half the lake.

I tried one more time and then time constraints brought us in to shore.

 I never made it back to the boat, the lake, or the skis, and now it's October, and there is no way in Hell I'm getting back in the water until next Summer.

So... there's that.

A few weeks later I sat down to watch The Wizard of Oz.

Obviously, I am taking this task very seriously.
People. I don't get it.

What is the deal??

This is not the greatest movie of all time... this is not Home Alone.

Let's just set that record straight right now.

Dorothy may be an icon, but she is no Kevin McAllister.

I got about an hour into Wizard of Oz and Husband came in and shut it off.

I can't remember why but I was all... "No. Stop. Don't. Okay fine."

Can I get an, "A" for effort?

And because I figured I may as well go for a Hatrick of Failure...

We took the Bugs to a fair about a month ago, and I had every intention of going on the Ferris Wheel with my Doll to knock something off my list.

Turns out, ever since having kids, I get motion sickness.. like bad.

I took one look at that Ferris Wheel and got weak in the knees...

I pretty much held back the vom and immediately crossed it off my list as, "Never gonna happen."

I just physically cant do it... I couldn't even look at that thing, let alone ride it.

It makes me sad, but I'd rather not have Lovebug hold my hair back while we sit high above the ground, wearing chains for seat belts.

So... now that you think I'm a big giant wimp.... and I have admitted to the entire Internet universe that I am a bucket list failure...

Do you have suggestions for something to add to my list??

To take the place of the Ferris Wheel??

I'm all ears.

I mean... I probably wont do any of them, (I think I made that pretty clear) but let's just pretend I'm brave and hear your ideas... for a laugh.

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