Why I Love Pre-School

I never thought I'd say this... but I am so, so happy that I chose to put Lovebug in Pre-School.

Originally, I thought that I was doing it for him... to work on his social skills, make new friends, yada, yada.

But... if I'm going to be perfectly honest, now that he is in school and we have our little routine going... I think I secretly did it for me too.

I'm gonna go ahead and say it... I needed a break.

Three year olds are exhausting.

But now? With Pre-School in the mix... for two and a half hours a day, twice a week, I am a damn good Mom.

It is only then that I am 100% present, and focused ... and I am the parent that this girl deserves.

I am human, and I am honest... it is HARD to be everything to everyone with both of them around.

It is harder even, to be someone to myself, and to my husband.

My mind is in 100 places at once...

My brain works like this:

Start load of laundry, play with kids, realize toys are a total shit show un-organized mess, re-arrange toys, notice pull up bar, try to do pull ups while watching kids play with un-organized toys, Lovebug hands me toy that needs new batteries and asks to do pull ups, help Lovebug do pull ups, remember the toy with no batteries, look for new batteries, look for screwdriver to put new batteries into toy, smell Ladybug's butt while looking for screwdriver, change diaper, remember screw driver, check in junk drawer, realize junk drawer is messy, start cleaning junk drawer...

Annoying right?

I know... I live with it.

All day, everyday.

But for those two and a half hours, two days a week... I am the Mom that I was when I only had one child.

I am the Mom that Lovebug had all to himself for so long... the one that he still gets every so often on our "dates," when I take time out just for him.

My little Girlfriend has never really had me all to herself... but she deserves it all the same.

I want her to know and love that one on one attention (outside of the boob), she deserves it.

I am so happy to have a little Lovebug break... if only because it allows me the time, energy, and patience to pay attention to not. one. single. thing. except my Girlfriend.

She is a handful, so it's hard work to keep up with her... even sans the Big Bug.

But... I've got my running shoes on, and my helmet, knee pads, and mouth guard too... I'm ready for her.

Pre-School is letting me dive head first into just Mommyhood with my doll...

No cooking, no cleaning, no nothing... just my Girlfriend, and me.

Here's hoping she doesn't knock me down, or out... before I have to pick up Lovebug from school.

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  1. That picture of Ladybug with the chalkboard is so cute!

    I was just thinking about pre-school today and if I'll send my own daughter there when the time comes. I always tell myself that I want her with me all day, every day for as long as possible, because once she's in school there is no going back, but after reading this it sounds like a good choice. I didn't realize it would only be a couple hours a couple days a week. I thought it was all day five days a week. I can completely understand why you enjoy it for yourself too.


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