Weekend Rewind

This past weekend, all we wanted to do was spend time together, but especially with this guy:

Who has been traveling way too much for his new job, but is finally sticking around Our Tiny Place, and the kiddos, and myself are pretty damn happy about it.

Hat tips, major props, and I am not-worthy-ness to the Military Mom's and Dad's out there who do it all by themselves regularly... I am in awe of your patience.

With Husband back where he belongs, we crammed a ton of family stuff into a weekend that as always, seemed too short, and too fast.

Like... ninety seven walks around the block. Of course.

And some serious pointing and starring at this guy, who was curled up in our backyard one morning...

Don't worry, this picture was shot zoomed all the way in... I wasn't like up in this fox's grill or anything.

We made blanket forts...

And apparently showed some shoulder like it was 1989.

We watched the J-E-T-S get a win, and Lovebug played football outside with his best friend ...

Ladybug got her first PONYTAIL EVER.

Then she slapped us in the face with the cuteness that is a toddler in feetie pajamas.

Seriously... a fat diapered booty, a drunken baby walk, and owl jammies??

I tried to remain calm.

No dice.

The girl slayed me.... I could not look away, and took a billion pictures instead.

 We rounded out the weekend with Lovebug spiking a super high fever...

So we've been nursing this sweet baby back to health... while keeping him away from his sister (easier said than done).

It is officially fall... and we can not wait for more long short, lazy, crazy weekends together.

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  1. I am so grateful for topbabyblogs.com for introducing me to your blog. Love it - you're my most recent follow!



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