The Day She Fell

Last week I told you about the day Ladybug fell down the stairs.

Well... I actually told you how shitty I felt about the whole thing, but I didn't really tell you what happened.

First off... I am not just a crazy, lunatic, over dramatic woman... there is a reason I panicked as badly as I did.

The day before Ladybug fell, my sister told me a story about a baby that had very recently passed away as a result of falling down the stairs.

So of course, when I heard the thud... thud... thud of my daughter falling, I was a WRECK.

But let me back up... it happened like this:

The kids and I were playing in the basement, and getting ready to go for a walk.

I took Ladybug upstairs with me, and Lovebug said he'd be up in a minute.

When he came up, he didn't close the basement door behind him.

I didn't check, because he is very good about closing it.

My fault entirely... I am the adult.

Minutes later I was grabbing shorts for Lovebug in the next room, while the kids were sitting at the front door waiting to go for our walk.

Or... so I thought.

I was looking through the clean laundry when I heard Ladybug fall.

I ran faster than I ever have in my life, all the while thinking of that other baby...

My heart was instantly broken for how foolish I had been... I was petrified about what I'd find at the bottom of the stairs.

Truth is... I am still beating myself up over this whole thing.

But it is what happened next that eases the situation slightly... and dare I say... makes it a little tiny bit funny.

God bless my son for being such a little weirdo.... God bless his cute, foul mouth.

I picked up a screaming Ladybug, who lucky for us, is solid, and resilient.

She was scared, but not hurt.

She cried for only a minute... and I was a hysterical mess.

At the top of the stairs, Lovebug was looking down at the chaos.

Try as I might... I couldn't NOT yell at him.

I'm not proud of it, but it's what I did in a weak moment.


It was more of a hysterical Jessie Spano type squeal, than an actual accusation or scolding.

He looked down the stairs and me, and said very matter of factly: "Oh, okay. I'll cyose (close) it now."

A second later... his head popped through the cat door.

Ever the caring big brother... he yelled... "Mom! Is she okay??"

And before I could answer:

"Mom! She's got some balls, huh??"***

Under different circumstances, I would have pulled Lovebug aside and reminded him... again... that he can not speak an adult... that what he had said was inappropriate.

But just this once... I wiped my tears... had a really good laugh... and let it slide.

**In case you're wondering... "You've got some balls," is a line from Transformers...

Which Lovebug is not allowed to watch, but Husband let him do it just this once.

The funny thing about three year olds is that it only takes them just this once ... before they are dropping f-bombs and ball comments.

Oh yeh, when Lovebug laid eyes on Megan Fox for the first time.... he was all... "Dad. She's adorable." So, there's that.

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  1. Oh, Mama, I can imagine how absolutely petrified you were about the situation. I can imagine the guilt you felt and still feel. I am so so so so glad she's okay. Glad Lovebug knows how to make light of a situation as well. :)


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