The 2nd Day of School

How many days in a row do you think I can get away with taking his picture before school??

Right now he kind of thinks it's a prerequisite of the whole Pre-School thang....

Get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, take a picture, go to school.

Maybe I can keep this up until he's a Senior kindergartener?

He actually kinda looks like he hates the picture taking already.

But I'm the Mom so... pictures for everyone!

In case you were wondering... and even if you weren't I'm going to tell you...

Lovebug loves school and did AWESOME when I left him the 2nd day.

He was all... "Don't go Mom."

And I was like... "Well, I need to go get more Snoop Snacks.***"

And he was like... "Okay, get the Scooby Doo kind... ((kiss, hug)), love you bye."

I'm so proud of our little pre-schooler.

He loves everything about his school and says it is, "SO, SO FUN MOM. SO FUN."

Props to our little man.. who took pre-school like a Champ...just like we knew he would.


***For some reason, Lovebug calls Fruit Snacks, "Snoop Snacks".

I am almost certain he has no idea who Snoop Dogg is... and we have obviously never given him weed flavored fruit snacks, so I have no idea where this came from... but I kinda like it.

There's just something about using the word, "Snoop," in daily conversation that reminds me of 1999, being young, and dropping it like it's hot... all good things if you ask me.

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  1. Snoop Doggie Dog in the hizzouse!

    Lovebug is the cutest. :)


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