Backpacks & Panic Attacks

Spoiler Alert: I didn't really have a panic attack.

But... spoiler alert again... I am pretty damn close to a lunatic (you already knew that).

Yesterday I went shopping for Lovebug's backpack.

School starts Thursday.

Being that we waited until all the other schools, in all the other lands, were back in session before going backpack shopping... well, let's just say the pickings were slim.

Plus, a toddler needs a certain size backpack...

Read: one that will not make him face plant because it's too big.

At my third store, I found some options for toddlers.

And I sent Husband these pictures.

While I patiently waited for him to respond... (he took like ninety seven years to make this decision) my mind started fucking with me.... my brain was all:

 "The pirate one is cute, but what does that say about a kid? Is it too like.. I'M A BLACK BACKPACK... and my mom has a Hello Kitty! wallet with a chain that goes to her back pocket... and she  feeds me out of a bucket and has the prettiest tattoo on her face of a pot leaf?"

I have no idea what I am even talking about, but let's just say I was concerned about the black backpack.

Somehow, while standing in Wal-Mart waiting for Husband to freaking text me back already... I convinced myself that you only get one chance to make a first impression school wise...

 And then... well then Harvard rejects you because of a backpack you chose when you were 3, and it's Alternate School for life, yo.

I know. I can't stand me either.

Thankfully, before I could get any more nutty... Husband texted me back with his backpack decision (the blue one) ... and then....

LIFE grabbed me by the ears, squeezed my cheeks together like a little old lady, and yelled in my face, "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN. IT IS ONLY PRESCHOOL. AND PS... YOU ARE BUYING A BACKPACK... THAT MEANS YOU ARE TOTALLY SOMEONE'S MOM."

That's the funny thing about life... it pretty much always punches you in the face when you need it.

And boy did it I need it right then.

I've since recovered from my backpack break down, and am ready and willing to Carpe Diem the shit out of Pre-School...

Because come Thursday morning, only one of us is allowed to be anxious and nervous... and it isn't me.

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  1. I love how you make even simple things like this ridiculously hilarious. Thanks for being such a nut job. ;-) We love you for it!


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