Girlfriend Convo

Today I was chatting with one of my Girlfriend's at the gym.

I was starting to tell her about all the cool things that have been happening ever since you guys started voting for me on Top Baby Blogs...

Me: You'll never believe what happened...

Her: What?

Me: Well... ever since I got high...

Her: (interrupting me) Wait.. what?! You got high!?

Me: (clearing my throat) ... Ever since I got high on the rankings of Top Baby Blogs...

Her: (disappointed) Oh... this conversation was more interesting when you were high.

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Now you voted and I think you're wonderful!


  1. What? What? What happened when you got high on the rankings??? :)

    1. A company reached out with a Giveaway and a Grad student asked to quote me in her dissertation (I'm like... uhh... have you read my blog?? ) ... Really Exciting Stuff!

  2. Haha! I've been voting for you, just so you know. I've done it at least three times and will do it again after commenting on this. Not because you asked, but because you're friggin' awesome. :) You made me want to sign up for one of these ranking sites so I put myself on Top Mommy Blogs . So far I've been the only one voting for myself (no shame in my game) but whatever. People will come around eventually.

    1. Girlfriend. You need to TELL ME THESE THINGS.... I am off to vote for your fine ass right now!


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