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  1. PS Did you know you have captcha on? I've been asking folks that have it on just in case they didn't know about it. So yeah, it's awkward but ummm just in case I thought I would mention it. If you do want to turn it off I can show you a grea tutorial!

    1. Picture me completely HORRIFIED at this news! I totally thought I got rid of that crap MONTHS AGO!!! Okay... clearly I know nothing about blogging... please please teach me how to get rid of it!!! I hate that thing and always just leave blogs that have it on!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. whats a captcha!??! lol

    and now you are 8!!!! you deserve to be... I made the link my status the other day lol...

    1. I love you and wish we could be best friends in real life. Mean it. (Too much?)

  4. A bunch of people have said they read now! Woo hoo! You're the bestest :)


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