Sometimes... I think to myself:

"Self... as bad as you want to remember this moment, posting about it on your blog gives people the opportunity to judge you, even if they don't know you."

But you know what... I'm gonna post about it anyway:

Because I am a real life Mom, with real life kids... who do nothing different than any other kid in the world...

Except I am talking about it, and their Moms aren't.

So here is the story, that is semi-questionable, but funny if it's not your kid.

Lovebug, is playing in a cardboard box at my feet.

He is completely inside the box, except for his hand, which is driving a truck on the outside of the box.

He is literally five inches away from me... I can hear him, but of course, being that he is inside the box, I can't see him:

He begins:

"Mom... Mom."


"Mom. Say where the fuck is Lovebug*?"

I gasped, and froze.

My mouth was hanging open in shock.

I quickly explained that he had used a grown up word in a very grown up way, and that I would prefer him to talk like a little boy for twenty more years.

From inside the box, there was silence... and then:

"Okay. Mom. Say where the HECK is Lovebug*? Is that better?"

And that is, in fact, much better in my book.

So... I may not be doing it all right... but I am doing alright, and that is going to have to be enough.

Perfect kids are boring anyway....


*Lovebug does not actually refer to himself as "Lovebug," and was saying his own name.


  1. HAAA!!! I know it's wrong too, but that is so funny. You should have made him repeat it just once so you could record it and share it with us. :p Seriously that is so cute.

  2. I can sooooo see Leila saying this sooner than I'd like. :)

  3. Don't worry about people judging you! That's silly... they will get over it. People with blogs always say that they start to feel monitored so they stop writing certain things... if people don't like it they shouldnt read :) if you like someone you like ALL of their stories :)

  4. Lol- Ah that lovebug cracks me up. Aubs new thing is saying, "Oh God" because my husband does all the time. She hasn't let the old F-bomb loose yet but I'm sure her day will come.

  5. THIS! This was great and I am so glad you posted it. :)

    PS Thanks for stopping by! Yahmo grab your button.


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