Pre-School is Coming! Pre-School is Coming!

I am not sorry for one second that I don't go in to Corporate America every day.

I am head-thrown-back-high-stepping-toe-tapping-hand-clapping thrilled about it.

I am so fortunate to be home with my Dolls, to watch new magic and wonder hit them right smack in their cute faces every day.

With Lovebug starting preschool in two short weeks, I am starting to wonder, if I have prepared him enough for life outside of Our Tiny Place... life outside of being home with Mom.

I'm not sure, if I have to be honest... but I sure as hell try.

He knows to be polite, to give hugs and kisses, and apologize when he is wrong...

To use his imagination, look out for his sister, and help others if they are hurt...

To clean up his messes, to jump right in and get dirty, but... showers are important too!...

To be nice to everyone he meets, and to accept others just as they are.

I am so proud of my son for the way he celebrates and enjoys diversity... for the way he is curious, excited, and never judgmental.

He understands the importance of telling people how he feels, of when he has to poop.... of a good nap, and holding the door for his mother and his sister.

I have crammed as many life lessons as I can into three short years.

And in less fourteen days, he will set foot into preschool for the first time and I will have to let go, and just hope like Hell that I have done enough that he wont embarrass me, his father, or himself.

Until then... I am encouraging him to keep on changing the world... because that's what super heroes that carry a spatula and wear their Dad's dress sock, and their Mom's halter top do.

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  1. This is so touching. Sounds like you've been doing an amazing job preparing him for life.

    And even if he takes a dump in front of his whole class, it will make an entertaining story. :)


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