Ladybug's Cupcake Outfit Plus Discount Code!

I mentioned the other day that there were quite a few out takes from Ladybug's 12 month photo shoot... and this post is chock full of 'em.

Fair warning... these pictures kinda suck, but the outfit looks good.

Ahh, the outfit.

In addition to wearing it for her 12 month photo shoot, she also wore this for her first birthday party (eventually I will get those pictures up too, hopefully before next year)... and I just can't even handle how freaking cute it is.
I have to give credit where credit is due... Husband picked it out.

I gave him a few options, and he liked this one the best.

For once, I'm happy I listened to him.

We got this little number from a cute etsy shop and if I'm going to be completely honest... (no one is paying me to say this)... I feel like I didn't pay the lady enough.

This outfit is beautifully made, you can tell looking at it that whoever made it knew what they were doing.

Every seam and ruffle is perfect.

I would bet that this little bubble romper would cost $45 in a trendy baby boutique... but I spent $16.99 on it.

I know.

Besides making super high quality stuff, the shop owner was also sweet enough to offer up a discount code for Our Tiny Place readers.
So... if you're interested in snagging something just as cute for your own little one...check out her shop here... and enter OTP500 at Checkout to receive Free Shipping!!

Enjoy, and Happy Shopping!

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  1. Your little ladybug is so adorable!

    The shop owner you mention happens to be my (incredibly talented) mother! I think she mentions me in her blog blurb, and what she says is true: She made most of my outfits, and Halloween and Mardi Gras costumes when I was young. She still makes some fabulous pieces for me when I ask nicely.

    I'm so glad she was able to make this outfit for your daughter, and make you and your husband so happy on such a special occassion. All of the embroidery she does by hand, and she is fantastic. I know that your blog mention has made her day -- she loves seeing her work in action!

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    ~~ Tiphany


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