Birthday Balloons...

Yes... we are still talking about Ladybug's birthday.

It's my blog, I'll do what I want.

You may remember when I told you about our birthday balloon tradition...

If not... let me refresh your memory:

Growing up, my mom put balloons in our rooms the night before our birthdays every year for our entire lives... and we do the same for our kids.

Truth be told, our tradition is not exactly what mine was growing up.

My mom actually put dollar bills into balloons and taped them to our walls, while I just blow them up and carefully throw them on the floor of the kid's rooms.

Here's why: they are 3 and 1... they get excited about a balloon on the floor, and if it was on the wall they would want it on the floor anyway.

Plus; I need all the dollar bills I can get (grand total of money made while blogging is still $0.00).

So, I'm keeping the cash for myself until the kid's are old enough to appreciate the joy that is popping a balloon to find a $1 bill inside. 

Anyyywaayy... This was obviously Ladybug's first year getting balloons in her room, and being the pain-in-the-butt-maniac baby that she is... she couldn't just play it cool.

Nope... she had to wake up half way through the night, spot the balloons, and scream and cry and beg with alligator tears to please please please have just one balloon in her chubby hand please please please.

The girl is obsessed with balloons.

She did not sleep the entire night once she saw those balloons... even after I took them out of her room, and hid them in the bathroom.

She knew they were still lurking somewhere, so she stayed up until 5 am screaming for them.

Yay. Super fun night.

Safe to say... if we have anymore children, they will not get balloons in their room until they wake up on their first birthday... never again the night before.

I'll give her this... she may be a diva, and she may have driven us up the damn freaking wall about those balloons... but she sure as Hell was cute once she got her hands on 'em.

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