Bear As Big As Me...

My Father in Law bought Ladybug one of those ridiculous stuffed animals for her birthday that are as big as a freaking house.

The kind that you see at Carnivals...

That you win by squirting a water pistol into a clown's mouth, and hitting the bumper of a car that is driving backwards... or something like that.

You know what I am talking about??

Anyway... since said Father in Law is a regular reader of Our Tiny Place, it is not news to him that I freaking hate the crap out of stuffed animals.

It's nothing personal, they are just worthless.

Okay, so it's personal.

They just lay around being all fluffy and stuffed... gathering dust and taking up space.

Father in Law knows this, yet there he was at Ladybug's birthday party... carrying a bear that is BIGGER THAN ME.

Don't believe me?

Just look.... here I am not stabbing that bear in the mouth.

My Brother insisted on this photo op... I obliged, because he is my big brother and that's what I do.

Truth is... Father in Law and Mother in Law swore that my kids might actually like that big stupid bear.

And I was all... you're insane, they are not carni-kids.

But...sigh... they freaking love it... and are apparently carni-kids after all.

Ladybug body slams that thing like the Ultimate Fighting Baby that she is.

She is all squeals and choke holds on that thing.

And Lovebug drags that bear's big fluffy ass all around the house... scolding us when we slip in front of him:

"Stop calling my bear stupid!"

So... I am vowing to give the big bear a chance...because my Father in Law is sweet, and my kid's are cute.

If only that big dumb thing could reach up to the top shelf for me, maybe scare away potential burglars ... you know, put his size to use... I might not mind having him around.

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  1. Good Lord, that bear IS freaking huge! When I was reading this I thought you were exaggerating on the size until I saw the picture of that thing.

    Anyway, I am the same way as you. I HATE stuffed animals. Natalie has too many already and I want to make it clear to people for her first birthday party NOT to buy her anymore.

    When I gave birth to her the first thing my dad showed up with at the hospital was a big red Clifford the dog stuffed animal. I was like, wtf?! She's a few hours old, what the hell is she going to do with a stuffed animal. More so I was pissed because I have an really little house and not much room for crap like that!

    Okay, enough ranting about myself.

    Hope your kids continue to enjoy that enormous bear and it doesn't drive you too crazy. :)


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