50 Things Update

Recently I told you that I was starting to suffocate under the mass amounts of trucks, dolls, clothes, crap in our house... and that I was challenging myself to toss 50 things in one weekend.

I dubbed it my 50 Things Weekend Challenge... cause I'm original and creative like that.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder how the eff four people could have so much shit??

And then I think of my friend's houses, and my family members houses, and I think... Thank God we are not the only ones.

Seriously people... why do we all have so much junk?? 

All I need in this world are my kids, my husband, and a camera to capture the chaos that is going on.

And cookies.

So two weeks ago, I took my, "kids, husband, cookies," mentality, and ran with it throughout our house.

Truth be told, I had a slow start.

I made a pile of baby bottles (we use the boob around here), some onesies with stains on them, and some old bibs.

I was like... yes... twenty things.

And then the weekend happened and I got side tracked, and by Sunday night the kids had thrown my pile of baby junk all over the damn house.

By Monday morning though, I was back in action.

I sold a few items on Craigslist and made $125... boo-yah.

I also threw in freebies to just to get the shit out of my house.

Buy a baby swing, get a baby sling! FO FREE!

It was a good plan in theory.

You see, my freebie pile started out with about six items in it... and then my sticky fingers Husband came along and was all... "BUT WE NEEEEED THIS STUFF!"

Foiled again.

My family was seriously out to sabotage my fifty things business.

Tuesday came and with it a cleaning of the linen closet... where I found three of those GINORMOUS pads they give you at the hospital when you have a baby.

You know the ones... they go from your shoulder blades to your belly button, (go ahead... picture it).

Whyyy did I have them? Why? What the eff is my problem, who keeps that shit??

Try as I might I couldn't get my friend to take them home with her... just in case.

She is neither pregnant, nor planning to rupture her insides... but I thought she might like to have them anyway.

I even tried to get her to pose with the pads for this blog. No such luck.

Long story short... I was successful in prying the shit out of my family members grubby mitts and officially said goodbye to more than 50 items in about a week's time.

I have already penciled in next month's challenge on the calendar... right next to a note that says: MAKE HUSBAND TAKE KIDS TO PARK.

Translation: No freaking hoarders allowed.

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  1. haha, OMG, I'm laughing at the hospital pads...love it! I'm soooo the same way, I hold on to crap that should have been thrown away years ago. I need to take your challenge ASAP!

    Found you on mom bloggers :)


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