12 Months!!

And just like that... my monthly updates on my daughter are done.

I can't believe 12 months have already gone by.

 I honestly can't even believe I have a daughter, let alone one that is a full year old already.

The change in our Dollface from month 11 to month 12 was great... like... insane.

She is a full blown toddler now... she is 100% on the move, every minute, every second.

We have a walker on our hands.. she's a little shaky, but she is quick!

She is also climbing on the couch, up the stairs, on the coffee table, on the cat, on her brother, up the side of the pack and play... you name it... she scales it.

She does not stop. Ever.

Taking her 12 month pictures actually took two different sessions, because I couldn't get her to freaking smile, and sit still at the same time.

I did however, get her, "Do you smell that?" face.

This past month also brought dancing... and lots of it.

Girlfriend, bless her sweet little heart... she dances to any sound she hears: the TV, the phone, wind chimes, the timer on the microwave... she just loves to shake it.

I see endless hours of dance recitals in our future.

I also see some sort of food eating contest, and some sort of adrenaline sport.

She is well rounded to say the least... independent, with no fear.

Sometimes I get sad that Girlfriend is so independent...

She is just so different than Lovebug, who loves to be constantly hugged and kissed.

To be honest, Ladybug just doesn't stop moving long enough to even bother with us.

This past month also brought weaning, as in from the boob.

I have especially loved nursing Ladybug because it is the only time that she is ever still.

She is down to one feeding a day, and though I am sad to stop nursing, I know it is time.

Especially because as she grows, though she loves to nurse, she doesn't quite realize that my boobs are actually attached to me.

So she tries to nurse and flip around, and run and jump, but still keep nursing... picture it, better yet, don't picture it.

Is this too much information?

At her one year check up, Girlfriend tipped the scales at 24.8 lbs and was just shy of 32 inches long.

Flexibility? Check.
Interestingly, at her 9 month appointment in May, her height was just average... but now she is off the chart!

Weird... considering I am 5'1.

We are hopeful that this wont be the only growth spurt she will ever have.

Besides growing like a weed, walking, and climbing, Girlfriend is in babble mode all day long.

We are pretty sure it is some form of Baby-Chinese... because we hear a lot of, "ming-ming," coming out of her lately.

Her obsession with technology has grown, and she pretty much thinks she can Skype into the remote control, or the window on the oven.

The only new word she started saying this month, (aside from Mom-Mom, Dad-Dad, Lovebug's name, and Pop-Pop).... was, "ta-ta".... which she says in a weird gremlin voice right before she nurses.

I wish I was kidding.

Another reason I have to stop nursing, my daughter is looking at my chest and saying, "ta-ta,"... I suppose I should be happy she isn't saying, "hooter," or something, right?

She's pretty much always got this hand out stretched in a come hither / feed me gesture.

She is also still doing that weird, super deep, belly laugh.

It kind of reminds me of when Christina Aguilera or Aretha Franklin get all soulful and throaty.

Okay, that makes no sense... just watch the video.

I know... what is that?!

Is she a bear? Is she a hyena? Fat Albert?

Lovebug and Ladybug are still inseparable and still playing really nice together... butttt... she has definitely started to be more of a pain in the ass to him.

She needs to be by his side every single second. The kid has a full blown shadow in his sister.

She basically has to have every single thing he has... and she will scream her freaking head off at like dog-whistle volume, until she gets it.

She also just rips shit right out of his hand... and then he rips it right out of hers... you know, typical sibling stuff.

We are lucky that they still really like to play together wrestle each other... and are hopeful that they will continue to enjoy each other's company for a little longer.

Besides loving her brother... she basically thinks her father is her own personal clown, and squeals with joy every time she looks at him. 

She crawls 100 miles an hour the second she hears him come home from work in the afternoon.

There truly is something special about a father and his daughter, and I am so blessed to see it with these two.

Still no luck getting a pony tail into this weird baby mullet... though the back is getting significantly longer, and the top is getting... shorter?

I don't know... it's not growing, that's for sure.

Being one means Ladybug has definite opinions all her own on things now... for example... animals: love; car wash: hate.

She pulled some Houdini crap on me this past month, when she climbed out of her exersaucer while I was putting toys away in the closet.

I came back into the room and she was gone... like, not in the exersaucer.

I pretty much had a mental break down, started screaming, and running around the room before I noticed her sneaky little face just watching me panic while hiding under a table.

She pretty much finds herself hysterical.

And then there was today, when she knocked over a tall hamper, climbed on top of it, and started dancing while holding onto the wall.

I know.

I had turned my back for two seconds when I caught her table hamper dancing.

I gasped, and screamed her name...

She wasted no time immediately launching herself off the side of it.

 Just belly flopped herself right onto the floor... and crawled away.

So... yeh... life is going to be like that with this one...

Which is good... cause if she wasn't a little crazy... she wouldn't fit in with the rest of us.


  1. Ha, cute post! My hubby and I both watched the video of her belly laugh and we cracking up. So funny and adorable!

  2. Sounds like you've got your hands full with that one. She is adorable though and sounds like she is pretty funny. I love that she calls your boobs ta-tas, maybe I'll use that one on the next one, sounds much more appealing than just mik(milk) which Aubs use to call my boobs.


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