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The last time you saw the garden bed in front of our house, it looked like this:
If you remember, we were a little iffy about leaving that Christmas tree...

So, we called our good friend, Dan, who went to school for landscaping architecture...

And also happens to love pizza and beer... which we can afford (professional landscaping, no... Coors Light, yes).

So Dan came to dinner, and gave us some pointers on our sad little garden...

He started by telling us to lose the Christmas tree...

So then we were left with this:

I'd love to show you a picture without Lovebug in it... but ever since we ripped those trees out, he pretty much is obsessed with playing in the dirt.

Three year old boys love to get messy.

And play with tigers and wear no pants, apparently.

Anyway, back to Dan.... he wears pants, and knows his shit when it comes to this whole landscaping thing.

So I was super bummed that about fifteen minutes after he came to help us out, the skies opened up and did this:

Stupid, stupid sky.

So, we decided to just discuss possibilities, instead of having Dan spray paint the spots where plants should be planted (you know whose idea that was).

Dan understood our budget on the project (zero dollars and zero cents), and gave us suggestions on the types of plants we could use/dig up/borrow in order to make this garden bed accentuate our home, not hide it.

Meeting with Dan was so helpful for Husband and I, who know nothing about landscaping, but really love to embrace the DIY.

Plus, hello, he saved us like... may-ja bucks just by letting us pick his brain.

After a quick crash course on how to keep things alive, and place them so they look most ascetically pleasing to the eye (for when we put our house on the market... one day), Husband and I feel ready to attack that soil, and rob our mother's of their perennials.

And maybe whatever they have in the fridge... in case we get hungry while we are stealing from them.


Plant thieves have to eat too.

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  1. Your back deck looks awesome from what little I can see!

    That's great that you have friends who can help you and parents you can steal from. Can't wait to see the final product!


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