That Little Smile...

Yesterday I posted this picture of Lovebug.

After I took it, I kept staring at it, and thinking... I have seen this picture before.

It was weird, like deja vu-ish.

I couldn't stop thinking about that little smile, so I started going through my blog archives, and my folders on my computer, to see if I had taken a similiar picture once before.

No luck.

Then we went to visit my parent's, and I pulled out a big box of pictures with my name on it.

That's how my childhood is organized: in a box with my name on it, full of 500 pictures in no particular order, just thrown the Hell in there because they have my face on them, and not someone else's.

It sounds funny, but honestly, it's better than I've done, so I can't even knock ya for it Mom.

Anyway, in that box... I found the little smile I was remembering.

In that box, I found this:

Talk about a toe head, huh?

Oh yeh, and I look pretty damn close to how my son does, at the exact same age.

Possibly the weirdest part is that neither Lovebug, or myself, are smile-without-showing-teeth type of people.

So these pictures were really just teeny, tiny moments in our lives... that happened to be caught 26 years apart.

I can't stop looking at the side by side long enough to think of a clever way to end this.

I just keep wondering if Lovebug will look like I did at my prom... minus the whole barely there dress and all.

That's weird, I know.


  1. hahahaha before I even read this post I was about to tell you he was your little twin! It so crazy! Hes going to be a heart breaker, is it possible to arrange marriages in different contries?

  2. Adorable- although I'm a bigger fan of your toothy smiles because they bring out your identical dimples more. Also I just teared up reading Ladybug's birth story. Lovebug's sounded pretty horrific but Ladybug's was really sweet.


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