Four Letter Words

If you have "liked" my page on Facebook... you already know that the other night my sweet, adorable, kind, loving baby boy yelled "FUCKING DAMN IT!" at the top of his lungs.


Not my proudest parenting moment.

Especially because he couldn't just say it when it was just Husband and myself present... no, no... he waited until my sister was here.

AND... we were Skyping with my brother and sister in law.

Yup... nothing says good parenting like your kid dropping the f-bomb on his Aunts and Uncle.


We were all chatting away, and Lovebug was kinda just playing around, pretending to be Captain America.

He wasn't really paying attention to the grown ups, when he very quietly said to no one in particular... "Fucking damn it."

He was like a mouse with the mouth of a truck driver.

 It was just a little whisper of foul-ness... I actually wasn't even sure I had heard him correctly.

I made sure Husband and I weren't in the Skype-line of vision and nudged him...

"Did he just say...."

And then I heard it.

My Sister in Law... on the other side of the computer... asking my brother...

"Did he just say?"


I was right.

He had sworn like a sailor.

Once Lovebug realized we were discussing his language, and he could get a little attention out of the deal... he started yelling that shit at the top of his lungs like he was getting paid in candy and cupcakes.

Ahhh... the sweet sound of my first born jumping up and down yelling, "FUCKING DAMN IT."

There's really nothing like it.

PS. As I am sure you could have guessed... this is all Husband's fault.


  1. One of my first words was "dammit!"
    My dad says I would yell it when I dropped my bottle out of the crib.

    Ive heard Alikah say "oh shit" under her breathe a few times, but I dont think weve gotten a fucking yet :)

  2. It happens. I seriously know I need to watch my fucking mouth before my kid can talk though. Seriously I don't know how I'm going to give up cursing. I'd rather have my arm amputated.


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