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I decided I hate Twitter.

I have no specific reasoning really...

 I just don't really feel like trying to think of something witty to say to a bunch of people who don't even know me, or read my blog anyway.

I much prefer my Facebook page... have you liked it yet??

I update it regularly with Bug one liners, interesting news articles, pictures... fun stuff.

I like the Facebook page because I get really great interaction from my readers: I post, and you post back!

Real live interaction with people that come to Our Tiny Place and have something to say!

I love it!

So... if you had followed me on Twitter, please check out my Facebook page instead!

(End shameless plug)


  1. I am a Twitter addict but I was on there for about 2 years before it appealed to me at all. I had like 10 tweets from 2009-2011...now I have thousands. I'm not proud. Haha.

    I have liked your facebook page...a while ago actually. Have you liked mine? ;)


    1. I have! Awhile back! But I must be honest I am very uneducated when it comes to all things scentsy!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of twitter either, I was for about a year, like an addict, but I have maybe tweeted like 12 times in the few months. It's so time consuming.

    I will go check out your facebook page!

  3. Okay- I swear this is my last comment today but you totally got the idea for this post from my e-mail- right right? Come on ya know you did ;)


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