My Best Friend's Wedding...

Well... not really.

This past weekend was actually one of my best friend's bridal showers (remember when she got engaged?)... but "My Best Friend's Bridal Shower," is kind of a lame title...

Anyway, we celebrated our Bride To Be with a simple and sweet bridal shower at a local restaurant.

My friend is not the, "Sit me in the middle of the room and let me open presents and gush about napkins," type... so we opted for a "Green," shower... with no wrapping paper.

Um, hello... this type of shower is amazing.

Not that I don't love watching someone get super uncomfortable and have to come up with something entertaining and interesting to say about a doormat... but come on, Bridal Showers more often than not... are painful.

This one so wasn't... and I am not just saying that because I am in the wedding!

It was basically just like going out to lunch with your girlfriends, except there were forty of us... we (everyone but me who hates the taste of alcohol) drank, ate, and schmoozed the day away.

I created and ordered the invites through VistaPrint... the yellow flowers set the tone for the rest of the decor.

Everything was kept super simple:

The centerpieces were sunflowers in mason jars, yellow napkins on the table, and a cake that brought in the yellow and the birds from the real wedding invites.

The favors were freaking awesome jars of Sea Salt Scrub, made by one of the bridesmaids... who hand wrote and stamped the flower on each and every jar.

Even the menus were something special.

The day was rounded out with a quiz about the bride (which I failed... my brain is fried), and a cute game that came equipped with faces on Popsicle sticks and a semi-reluctant groom.

DollFace made an appearance at the end of the day and won everyone over with her chubby thighs, and calm demeanor.

She was definitely feeling the three hours without nursing, and wasted no time getting up close and personal with anyone who held her (translation: she was boob head butting all over the place).

At the end of a great afternoon I sat quietly nursing my dolly in the corner of the room (add that to the list of weird ass places I've pulled my boob out)... watching my best friend laugh and squeeze her fiance's hand.

The guests were all getting a little louder, and a little happier by that point; thanks to a stocked bar, and the "old friends," vibe of the whole afternoon.

Amidst all the party-ending chaos, Ladybug and I saw my best friend sneak a quick kiss from her groom... and wouldn't you know it... my little doll squealed and clapped for them... the perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. What a beautiful shower! I love the sunflower centerpieces. All you girls are so beautiful--geeze loiuse ;)

  2. That is a seriously beautiful shower! And I LOVE Vistaprint!


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