I am so tired and lazy.

Husband has been working and traveling non-stop for weeks.

I have no energy to do anything but sleep after the kids go to bed, which is when I usually have the time to pay attention to this little blog of mine.

Poor poor, neglected blog.

I have a long list (that hurts my brain) of things I need to blog about, but with the kids waking up at 6 am, and the all day go-go-go-ness we've been doing with Sir Swing Set; I am fucking beat at the end of the day.

As in, way too tired to think about logging in and seeing if anyone ventured over to this corner of the Internet today.

I know I should care more, but hello... two year olds are like puppies on crack, and Ladybug eats anything and everything that crosses her path (yesterday it was a leaf), so I have pretty much been "on" non-stop.

Husband travels, I play zoo keeper.

Mama needs a nap.

I'm not complaining; I swear... I love my kids, I love my life.

My babies make my heart sing;

As Lovebug says, "I love you in my life..."

Yeh, that... but not you, them... I mean you too, but mostly them.

I love them  in my life.... but I am fucking tired.

I just need one, itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny nap... just one. And then I will be back in action.

Until then... and in lieu of something super interesting to read; here is a picture from the Farm the other day:

Tomorrow is another day, and if you come back... there just might be something to read.


No promises.


  1. I've pretty much given up on blogging as well, takes too much time to keep going. Plus toddlers are so effin needy hah

  2. I only have 1 kiddo, a toddler, and he's got me jumpin all day long. My hubs is also on work travel, he'll be home Friday. That will be 9 days without him. I'm counting the minutes ... I see a full day off in my near future!

    Hang in there!


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