Who's Next?

The most amazing thing happened.

I got Facebook messages, from two different women, who live in two different states.

That's not the amazing part.

The amazing part is that BOTH women said they read my post about donating my hair, and decided they should do it too!

I have to be honest... when it came to donating my own hair, it was just something I did.. I didn't really think twice about it.

But these two, I am seriously proud of... they inspire me.

They are both (full time) working Moms, who still find ways to be super involved in their son's lives, and look good doing it.

I know.

They obvi put me and my yoga-pants-everyday-of-the-week to shame.

Anyway, when I heard from these two Rock Stars... I did what I always do, and got super duper over excited about it.

I tried to play it cool when I told Husband about it over dinner.

I'm totally lying.

I was going 100 miles an hour, and doing the, "Can you fucking believe this?!" hitting thing that Husband hates.

I probably sounded a little like this:

"Guesswhatguesswhat?! Rachel read my blog! She said I inspired her! She cut her hair! Eleven inches! And Katie!...."

Husband, who we know never listens... was all:

"You just called Rachel, "Katie,"..."

And I was all...

"No No! Katie too! Katie did twelve inches! Can you believe it!? Isn't this amazing!?"

And then Husband says to me:

"OK. Stop talking in exclamation points. Did you say Rachel AND Katie donated their hair?"

 "Yes! Two heads! Two haircuts! My hair will have friends!"

I am still over the moon with excitement.

So much so that I have been thinking for hours about that weird kid in, "Pay It Forward," his little voice, and life changing math problem.

In my brain, my own wig/hair donating math problem looks like this:

You know where this is going don't you??

If Katie and Rachel can each inspire two people to cut their hair, then we will have enough pony tails for one wig!!

Not literally, because our hairs have already been packaged and mailed away to their new lives... but figuratively, we could make a whole wig! 

How is that for keeping the movement moving!

This is big people, big!

So whose in?

Who wants to make a difference in someone else's life??

To you, it's only hair... but to someone else, it is a lifeline.

An identity.


You can do this. Yes, you!

It is only hair.

So... who wants a haircut??

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