Diet Pepsi Addiction Update (& Putting My Husband On Blast)

I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi officially 7 weeks ago.

I still have trouble thinking about a tall glass of ice with the brown bubbly poured over it... God I love soda.

But... it had to go... it was holding me back.

Within ten days of giving it up I was down 6 lbs. You read that right. Six.

From Diet Pepsi I went to Crystal Light, which I have also since given up... for water.

Since taking the plunge to drink only water my body feels cleaner, and less bloated... weird right?

I was clinging to Crystal Light because it only had 5 calories, and it tasted like sugar.

I had been telling Husband that I felt like my body had a puffy liner on it for awhile, and when I gave up Crystal Light... the puffy liner disappeared.

You are now speaking to Mrs. Water Advocate.

H20 changed my body with the quickness.

Inside AND out, I feel better.. for real (you can be sure the rivers and streams are not paying me to say this).

I'm proud to say... I, Mrs. Water Advocate... am no longer addicted to a disgusting liquid that is clogging my everything with puff.

This is noteworthy mostly because I am married to Mr. Addicted to Blue Monster Energy Drinks: who laughs in the face of water and bodies changing with the quickness.

Husband's addiction has a reputation all it's own... everyone we know is aware of Husband's Monster problem (no pun intended).

Yesterday Lovebug and I are at Story Time and I get this text from Husband...

Can you pick me up 2 Monsters on your way home? I am going to wean off them...

I do not answer. (I am at Story Time dude!)

A minute later, another text... Hello?

I again, do not answer.

Then a missed call....

Story Time is only 20 friggin' minutes long, and my cutey pie Husband is getting all Twitchy McTwitcher-Face because I am not answering his texts about picking up some Monsters...

This means: he is stuck at home while Ladybug naps and he just realized his stash is gone.

Houston, we've got a problem.

I am scared that our next baby (not pregnant) will glow in the dark because of those damn things.

Anything that smells like Sweet Tarts and tastes like Motor Oil can not be good for you.

He even has a particular method to pour it
: like you'd pour a Guiness, so it doesn't go flat... obvi.

And to drink it: first he puts the ice in the cup, then the can in the cup on the ice, and finally, he pours the drink in the cup.

He doesn't even hesitate to drink one at 9 o'clock at night... for real, he has issues.

I have tried all sorts of bribery (bow chicka, wow-wow) and he does not give a SHIT.

He needs his crack in a can. THREE TIMES A DAY (do you have any idea what this habit is costing us?!!)

I started out this year focusing on my own "addiction," (more like obsession), and have seen amazing results since putting myself into "rehab".

My new goal is to get Husband on the Monster Energy Drink wagon... asap.

Rehab, recovery. Water, water, water.

Our unborn, not conceived, glow in the dark child is depending on me.

*I am poking fun at my husband's "addiction", but real life addiction is no joking matter. I promise, I am not a heartless scumbag mocking people with actual struggles related to addiction. Just busting my Husband's balls... because I can.


  1. I'm in the middle of my own Pepsi recovery... Went from Cherry to regular to caffeine free and I'm STILL 7 months later about to plunge into all water... Just ugh!! I love me some soda!!!!!

  2. You are inspiring me to quit my unhealthy addiction/obsession to Diet Coke. I never thought of it helping me lose weight--calorie free... but now that I think of the "puff factor" I may just give it a go. But damn if I dont love that brown bubbly junk too.


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