Valentine's Day & Sitting

My sweet friend captured these great shots of Ladybug sprawled out, nommin' on a decorative heart for her first Valentine's Day.

Girlfriend is so fresh and totally knows when the camera is on her.

She looks everywhere but at the lens!

My friend got all these beautiful pictures and then said...

"Can she sit?"

I'm all, "Let's find out..."

And then she did... And I wanted to cry...

But first I did the obligatory Mommy freak out... 

"OMG she is sitting all by herself! The first child ever to sit!"

Sigh... then I thought about ever so gently pushing her down, and discouraging this whole sitting/growing up thing while I still can.

Don't judge me... it was just a thought.

Sigh.... not much longer until she'll be trying to crawl....

And I will be close behind, pulling her legs out from under her.

I mean... what?

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