Public Service Announcement

This is your PSA for the day... do with it what you will.

Over here on my side of the blog, where I can see all the stats and visits and number-ma-jiggies... I can also see how people are getting here.

Maybe they clicked a link on another blog, or got here via twitter or facebook... or maybe, they went through my very best friend Google.

I have a problem, I am a serial Googler... (I even admitted it on the radio).

I believe almost anything Google tells me.. like there is some little man on the other side that has a Dictionary of useless shit, just waiting to answer my questions.

As it turns out, I am not alone...

I can see what you weirdos are Googling to get to Our Tiny Place, and I am starting to seriously question the intelligence level of life outside my own home (no offense, world).

You see, once I wrote a post that had the word, "Febreze," in it.

I also wrote a post with the word, "vagina," in it.

Tell me you see where this is going.... and that you are as dumb founded as I was.

People are freaking Googling, "Can I Febreze my vagina," and ending up on my blog.

Seriously?! Can you Febreze your Vagina!??! Is this real life?? Come on... your vagina?!

This was not a one time hit... I get multiple searches a week with this same question.

Is there really more than one person in the WORLD that wonders about Febreze-ing their vagina??

Also- can I ask you?

What  the FUCK did your vagina ever do to you, that  you think you should punish her by spraying a freaking household odor eliminator  in her face?!??

Leave her alone!

Back away from the cleaning aisle!

Honest to God....

I'm scared for you; random people of the world with odor issues... and I'm scared for your vaginas, too.

Since this question keeps popping up over and over, I figured I would just put the answer right here on my super family friendly blog, where it clearly belongs.

That way, if you happened to end up here with an odor problem, there will be no question as to what to do.

Now I am not a Doctor, so this is just my very best guess at the answer, but I'm going to say:

"No. You can not Febreze your vagina; and if you do, it will probably burn like a mother-bitch for hours, weeks, months... maybe even years."

Again, I am no Doctor, but I am going to go ahead and say that if your hoo-ha is smelling bad enough that you are thinking of using air freshener on it... you should just call your freaking Gyno; and stop looking for the answer on the damn Internet.

End Service Announcement.


  1. hahahahaah wtf is wrong with people? your blog makes me laugh daily..thank you!!!

  2. Is it really bad that this is in my top 3 posts from your blog of all time? ;-)

  3. OMG I love you. Seriously. I've been saying for months I need to do a post on the strange shit people Google to get to my blog. My favorite is fat ass mom pron (that last word was not a typo)!

  4. LMAO!!!!!!
    But seriously.
    Who actually TRIED this!?


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