No More Capris

I sit and watch Ladybug in her bouncer any chance I can get.

She loves that thing, and it is so fun to see her fling herself in and out of the doorway, like a baby bungee jumper.

 It never gets old.

Except there's just one problem...

I can't stop starring at those damn curtains.

You don't see the problem do you??

Well, since I am obsessed with my kid, I didn't see it the first one million times I sat watching her either.

And then, one day I noticed.

They are so freaking short!

Now, in our house I have solemnly sworn never to use Krazy Glue when DIYing by myself....

(...You know, you glue ONE towel rack to a door and people will never let it go.. it's not like I glued the towel to the door.)

But Husband never said shit about me using scissors.

(Side Note: Husband, if you are reading this... don't have a heart attack, I did this three days ago and you haven't even noticed yet.)

The difference isn't huge, but it's enough to make me happy.

 I also didn't bother ironing the crease out of the curtains, because seriously, this is real life and I just took scissors to my curtains... you think I am going to iron them too??

I have baby bungee jumpers to be watching... yeesh.

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