Nakey Faced

The blogosphere is a buzz with this whole, "Naked Face Challenge," thing.

Do you know what I am talking about??

Bloggers have been posting photos of themselves in all their bare nakey faced goodness; no makeup, no editing, nada, zilch.

I kind of find this whole show your nakey face thing funny because, at least for me; I don't really wear makeup anyway.

That said, I am still as guilty as the next guy of posting only my best pictures online... don't hate, you do it too.

So I, like you, hate when people post pictures of me and tag me without me giving it the:  

Do my arms/butt/thighs/hips look fat? 

Does my head look weird?? 

Do my dimples look like giant wrinkles?

I am only human.

I know I've got bags under my eyes.

I know I have freckley cheeks, and... ugh... a billion laugh lines and crow's feet.

But, I earn the bags staying up late partying with my babygirl.

And I earned my freckles when I got pregnant with Lovebug; in a weird, I never had freckles until I got pregnant turn of events.

I have wrinkles, and maybe even one or two gray hairs (sigh), all of which have Lovebug's name on them.

It's okay.

My Husband and babies love me like this, so fresh and so clean, clean (thank you Oil of Olay Detoxifying Pore Scrub).

And since Babycakes is my Partner in Crime these days, I begged her to take a picture with me.

She was all, "Okay Mom, as long as you slip me the boob when we're done."


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