Mommy the Entertainer

You know that kid you see in the movies; that is 100 miles an hour, running in circles from sun up until sun down??

That child belongs to me.

Lovebug has energy for days, and being that the winter is taking forrrrever to end, I am running out of options as to how to entertain him.

So, I have been pulling out all the stops to keep this kid busy without depending on the TV all day long... take a look:

The swords are courtesy of the Dollar Spot at Target, bless that section.

 For two bananas I kept that kid busy for an hour; just flailing around like a maniac, throwing myself up and down and all around, while I let him beat me with a foam sword.

From weapons we went to Painter's Tape.

I made random roads, and Lovebug drove his trucks all over the floor for about a half hour.

Then he spent 10 minutes crumbling the tape into a giant ball and dragging it around the house.

The dragging of the tape ball business actually ended up being a bonus because the little bits of Play-Doh he had thrown on the floor got picked up in the process.

Are you tired yet?

Did I mention this was all before LUNCH??

I gotta admit my, 'act like a clown extravaganza,' may be tiring, but it works.

Everyday needs a project, an activity, an event... for our life to run smoothly.

Lovebug is happy, entertained, and intrigued by my antics, which is good...

Because just when I can't take anymore, 'toddler-terrorist-trash-the-house,' fun.... neither can he.

Little Man all but collapses into his bed at nap time... and then I walk down the hall, and collapse into mine.

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