Donating My Hairs

Last week I decided to donate my hair.

It was a quick, spur of the moment idea I had in bed, after a long day with the kids.

I didn't tell anyone just in case I pussied out.

 I did some googling and found Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, which works with the American Cancer Society to donate wigs to women with cancer.

I chose this organization because it accepts a minimum of 8 inches of hair.

Most people donate through Locks of Love; but they accept a minimum of 10 inches of hair, and I didn't think I was brave enough to make that cut.

If it was going to be just the 10 inches, I could have done it....

But, after they put your hair in a pony tail and make the kindest cut of all; they have to actually give you a nice haircut too, you know?

So there goes another inch or two on top of your donation.. too scary for my bones.

Anyway, I decided Beautiful Lengths would get my goldilocks, and I made an appointment to do the deed.

I called yesterday at 2 pm, and was in the chair at 6:30 pm.

Nothing like just getting it done.

Husband and I are like that, we get ideas in our head, and we just do them.

Why not, right?

Anyway, they pulled my hair back into two pigtails and said... "Here we go!"

I could hear the scissors working their way through my hair... I kind of squealed and covered my eyes.

 Not like I could see the back of my head or anything, but it seemed like the right thing to do.

And then, just like that, it was done.

 I felt liberated, excited, and totally un-phased by the balliest move of my life.

My donation ended up being just over 8 inches long, and then I had another two or so lopped off on top of that.

I had to take pictures immediately post cut before I f'ed it up myself by not knowing which end of the blow dryer to use.

I am that person who gets the round brush stuck in their hair... how that happens, I have no idea.

I tried not to worry about short hair giving me a pudgy baby face, or a Mom butt (your haircut affects your butt people, it does).

My axed locks are currently on their way to Ohio, where they will meet up with lots of other hair to be made into wigs for women who really need them.

To date, Beautiful Lengths has collected almost 295,000 ponytails.

Believe it or not, it takes 6 ponytails to make one wig, so my hair is about to have seven new besties.

After all was said and done, I decided I am officially old.

Not because I look like, "such a Mom!," (although people keep freaking saying that).

And not because it seems like every thirty year old I know has short hair, (still twenty eight over here folks).

I decided I am old when I realized that aside from a brief panic attack, I was totally fine about the loss of all that hair.

It was seriously no big thing, which is weird; because ten years ago the very thought of chopping my locks would have sent me into a:

"I need to breathe into a paper bag, stick my head between my knees, AND hide under a desk," frenzy.

Now, I am officially old and wise enough to see things differently.

To me, it is only hair; but to others, it is a lifeline, an identity, and a sign of hope.

I feel good about my hair's new life...

I hope she (hair can be a, "she," right?) is in a new state...

On her way to being some super ballsy color.

 Or bangs! I was never ballsy enough for bangs.

Wherever she is, I know for certain she'll land on the head of someone who appreciates her so much more than I ever did.


  1. It looks sooooo great, and what a great cause too. I have the short hair thing these days too, it's my 'heading into my 30's' hair. Hahah. Your haircut is very sassy and cute

  2. love it!!!! great cause too!!

  3. Good on you! I have a friend who donates to Locks of Love every two years (her hair grows super fast!). I think it's a wonderful thing to do. If I had nicer hair that's worth donating, I'd consider it too ;)

  4. HEllo!?!?! Anybody home? Did you go on vacation?

  5. Looks awesome, Mama! You look younger!

    P.S. Update the link on your Twitter. It has an extra character on the end, so it directs you to a 404 error page!


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