The Weekend

It was stunning here in the North East this weekend... just beautiful.

We took the kiddos to the skate park, the lake and the reservoir, and ran Lovebug's little booty off trying to tire him out (he is a puppy in disguise I tell ya).

I chased Lovebug alll the way from the car, to the waterfall, and back... which is probably around a quarter mile each way... that kid can RUN!

He of course... loved it and kept yelling at me to run faster, ("Don't give up Mom!!")!

He has been spending too much time at the Gym, I think.

He did stop a few times to take some pictures, pick up sticks, and of course, introduce himself as Captain Co-Merica...

To every. single. person. we. passed.

I die every time he says it.

"I'm Captain Co-Merica!!"

I hope he never gets it right!

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