Happy Monday!

If your corner of the world is like our corner of the world... school is probably out for Mart Luther King Jr. Day... yay!

A "Daddy is Home!" Day!!

Since Husband works a ton, him being home during the week is a big treat for the Bugs, and we almost made an amateur mistake... again... out of sheer excitement for having Daddy around.

We ALMOST went to a place full of moon bounces, which Lovebug loves.

It is actually really clean and they do a great job for the kids, but going there during school vacation would be a dumb move... and one we have already made once.

A few weeks back we road tripped it to Boston to hit up the Boston Children's Museum... during Christmas vacation.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

One of the dumbest things we have done since becoming parents.

Every family on the East Coast was there, and they all brought screaming children with snotty noses.

The second we walked in the door, I wanted to turn around and drive home.

I had a, "This is my nightmare!" moment. (Link is not safe for work).

Lovebug, of course, loved the shit out of that place.

It was actually amazing for kids, but I think he was too young for it.

You can see in this video... he was probably the smallest child in the building that day.

He took a beating on this dance floor (sorry, no videos of the kids knocking him all over the place).


Every single exhibit knocked Lovebug's socks off.

The concept behind each was pretty simple.

There was a construction room with hard hats, reflective vests, and real construction vehicles for the kid's to climb in.

There was a super market where the kids could use their own baskets and go "shopping", a lazy river with kitchen utensils to play in, and a giant sand box.

Pretty much things we could do at home, but on a much larger scale.

We will wait until Lovebug is older before making a trip like this again. 

He didn't understand the concept of walking from exhibit to exhibit and had a mental f'ing breakdown every time we so cruely pulled him away from one awesome thing, only to plop him down at another.
There is no denying it, Lovebug absolutely died and went to Heaven at this place.

And when we got in the car to drive home, so did I.

I'm not usually such a grump about things, but this day, is one I will never forget...

...The long drive with two screaming kids, the temper tantrum plus beating me on the head in A CLOSED ELEVATOR FULL OF PEOPLE, the traffic on the way home...

I'm always happy to see a smile on my child's face... but never again during school vacation, with every other child on Earth.

From this point on, there will be no smiling outside of the house during school vacation!

And that's final.

Dear God... I'm becoming my mother.

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