Good Boy & The Chipmunks

Lovebug now has a "Good Boy Cup"... which we add little ornaments into when he is a "good boy".

When the cup is full, he gets a reward.

Simple enough right?


He definitely didn't understand it at first.

I was all, "Okay, as soon as you fill your cup you get a prize!"

And he's all, "Okay Mom, let's go fill it!"

Hmmm... not exactly how I saw that going.

Anyway, today Lovebug cashed in on his full cup at his first ever trip to the movies.

For the record, a trip to the movies with a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old intimidated the Hell out of me, and I begged my sister to come with us (translation: I made her).

Honestly, I couldn't have done it without her.

Both Bugs were mesmerized for the first half hour... and then Lovebug took off running through the empty theatre.

He of course, headed straight for the front row, where he craned his neck and gawked his face off at the Chipmunks.

Lovebug also stuffed his face with popcorn, almost to the point where I was like... hmmm.. "is he going to barf today? Probably".

The day overall was a huge success. I tried not to say, "No," too much, and really let Lovebug bask in his "reward".

He already has his next prize for the "Good Boy" cup lined up in his head, and is slowly starting to understand the concept a little better.

Too bad I cant say the same for his whole, "I want to go to Disney World," argument.

I say, "When you're five."

He says, "I'm five!"

As long as he understands the cheaper of the two concepts, we're okay... right?


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