5 Months...

I cant even take it! Where does the time go!

I swear I JUST wrote a post about Ladybug turning 4 months, and then she goes and turns 5 months on me when I wasn't even looking...

Come On!

I have to admit, the older she gets, the more fun she is...

She is still doing her super loud screaming her face off thing.

I still think it's cute, Husband is over it.

He's ready for ANYONE in our house to play the silent game... or even, lower the volume just a little bit.

I keep telling him that's just not how we roll.

Speaking of roll... Ladybug does this double foot grab, roll around on the floor number all day long.

She is now on her own pretty little schedule, sleep trained, and loving life.

Still no solids for Ladybug yet, per the recommendation of our Pediatrician; who suggested exclusively breastfed babies should stay that way until 6 months if possible.

It doesn't bother me, so we wait.

She is super, duper into eating her feet though.

Her hair is still just a little fuzzy mop that looks more like static electricity got the best of her, than anything else.

Ladybug's cheeks just keep getting bigger, and bigger... it is insane how chunky this little monkey is.

Fun fact: stick your thumb and pointer finger into your mouth and pinch your cheek.. the distance is probably, oh, a quarter of an inch.

Now, if you pinch Ladybug's... no lie... it is easily an inch, probably more.

Those cheeks are SOLID.

They feel like a butt!

Cheeks have been the main attraction for awhile, but her thighs are slowly stealing the show.

She is already in 6 months clothes because of those chunkers.

She is also officially Lovebug's little sidekick.

He jumps, she laughs. He coughs, she laughs. He eats, she laughs.

The girl loves her brother.

She is more of a snuggle bug than ever these days, and immediately wraps her little arms around us when we pick her up.

She is the same calm, content little Bug that she has been from the day she was born... with the same foul smelling-can-clear-the-room farts.

She doesn't fuss, or care much about her forever drooly mouth and teething-ness.

She's just happy to be around anyone really... just a chill, content little soul.

We could all learn a thing or two from this little girl... am I right?


  1. Those chubber little legs are too much! Lola didn't really have them, but boy, did Nico! I loved them!!

  2. OH SHE IS FABULOUSLY PRETTY....What a knockout she will be.....that might be hard to hear when you're only at the five month mark with her...but Hello Dolly! I love her brilliant smile!

    I'm your newest follower...and I'd like to invite you on over to my blog...I'm currently hosting a FLASH GIVEAWAY and it would be fun if you followed along and entered your comments to win!

    see you soon, ciao bellas!

    Creative Carmelina

  3. Oh my goodness- those legs! I want to east them up! I love when they do that foot grab roll thing. So cute!

  4. What a sweetheart. Her chubby weggies (legs, haha) are definitely show stealers!


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