Ladybug's Nursery

At long last... a completed nursery.

Two years ago, we painted the nursery "Pesto," knowing that we'd have more than one baby in it, and not wanting to go the pink/blue route.

It was super easy to switch this room from boy to girl as a result of our stellar paint choice from way back when.

Before Ladybug was born I had told Husband, "If this baby is a girl, I want to do a cupcake nursery."

By chance, we ended up naming her (real name alert) Baker.

Baker, cupcakes...get it?

It wasn't intentional, it would have happened no matter what we named her, fyi.

What you need to know about this room: 

One wall is windows, and another wall is closets; which means all the furniture goes together on two walls... not ideal, but oh well.

Anyway... this room started with my good friend finding cupcake sheets at Home Goods, for twenty bucks. 


Those sheets were made into: a crib skirt, curtains, valances, a pillow, and a mobile.

 My sister made everything but the mobile... she's the best.

I made the mobile myself and am damn proud of it, if I'm going to be honest.

The cupcake canvases were hand painted by a ridiculously talented friend of ours, who also drew on my belly when I was pregnant. 

They look store bought don't they??

Nope, made with love by someone we love.

The cupcake bank is from Target, and the small clear cupcake is actually Tupperware for a single sweet treat.

The sign in the green frame reads, "Welcome to the world Baker Anne, It has been waiting for you."

Our friend who painted the cupcakes posted this sign on facebook just minutes after Ladybug was born and I loved how happy and colorful it was, so I printed it out and framed it.

The sweet puff that hangs over Ladybug's chair, cost me a whole dollar to make.

I used one entire package of 25 sheets of tissue paper from the dollar store, and a small piece of wire to hold it together.

I folded the whole thing back and forth like a fan, and then pulled them out one by one until it was a big fluffy colorful cloud.

The framed cupcake cards hold sweet love notes and stories about our family inside.
They were $16 total for all three.

The flag banner was also made by my sister and was hanging on the front porch when we brought Ladybug home from the hospital.

I bought some simple stencils for a buck and used some purple paint I had on hand to get Ladybug's real name up on the wall.

Like most rooms in our house, it's not completely finished, but it is almost there.

I love, love, love this room more than any other room in our home.

It is fun, and colorful, and girly... but not in a princessey way.

Ladybug's nursery, or, "Baker's Bakery,"is the perfect place for our happy little doll to grow and change.

Who wouldn't love a space filled with color, creativity, and cupcakes?


  1. Adorable nursery! So sweet, and love the nicknames for your kiddos!

    Happy to have landed on your blog, off to check out more. Have a great weekend :)


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