Pleasing Them All

I am forever feeling like I am jipping someone in my house.

Lovebug, Ladybug, Husband, the cat, myself (wait who?)...

I never felt this way when I only had one child, I had enough hours, and arms for everyone.

Now when I am holding one baby, the other is crying for me, and vice versa.

When I try to sit down for 5 seconds to pee, the friggin' cat is clawing at the door.

And let's not forget My Husband.

He's a good dude, and very patient... but at the end of a long day, he could be Brad Pitt and I would still face plant into our bed out of exhaustion.

The other day Lovebug wanted me to carry him down the stairs, and make Ladybug walk.

I reasoned with him that she cant even sit yet, so walking probably wasn't going to happen, and I'd carry her, and then him, down the stairs.

I had no choice, Lovebug is a love giant, and Ladybug is a peanut.

Me carrying them down the stairs would be an accident waiting to happen.

So, I left Lovebug in tears in his bedroom, waiting for my return.

I dropped Ladybug into her chair (not dropped for real), where she promptly started crying, and headed back upstairs for Lovebug, who was still crying.

I felt like I was in a birth control video!

Like somewhere there was an entire Health class of horny teenagers watching my life on VHS, thinking twice about getting busy in their Hondas after school.

I spend every minute riding bikes, playing with trucks, nursing, wiping butts, vacuuming, trying on hats, cleaning, cooking, coloring, reading, hugging, kissing boo-boos.... and when I stop for one second, someone notices.


I know I'm not the first Mom to feel this way, or to do all this for more than one child, but I wonder...

Does anyone do it all well??

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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself mama. You are doing a good job and they know it. Take a few minutes for yourself here and there. They won't remember and it will help you.


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