Holy Sick

Yesterday we got the little Lady baptized Catholic in the church we married in.

 She wore a Ralph Lauren cotton layette, and a tiny bow in her hair... simple and sweet, just like her.

We don't really make a big deal out of things like that, the other child in the church was decked out, but that's just not us.

Truthfully, we aren't the most religious people, so we try to only force our immediate family to attend baptisms.

We had a small gathering of both sides of grandparents, both Bugs Godparent's, and my best friend.

That's it. Fifteen people total.

The baby on the other side of the church had nearly 60 people there to watch. It was crazy!

Oh yeh, I was also sick as a damn dog. (Get it, "Holy Sick"?)

The kind of sick when you are walking out the door in a dress and heels, and you pause to catch puke in your hands.


I think I ate bad pizza (my sister says it looked like it came out of a dumpster) or eggs or something, because I still cant look at food.

Ugh, food.

Anyway, I am almost positive it was bad food so we weren't worried about me infecting anyone with my nastiness.

It was really nice to have all the grandparent's together to fall all over the Bugs while I felt shitty and kept to myself in my own sick corner.

Lovebug of course, was spoiled with gifts, even though he didn't get the holy bath.

My friend gave him this awesome clear plastic snowman full of all the things you need to build a snowman, except the snow of course.

Lovebug waited an entire 3 seconds before tearing into that box and dressing himself as a snowman.

Anyway, we everyone other than Miss Sickie over here had a nice meal, while the Bug entertained the masses, and the Lady slept soundly tucked under a table in her car seat (yup, that's how we roll).

When we got home I slept from 5 pm to 7 am... waking only to nurse and pee... seriously, that food got me good.

I am thinking I shoulda joined Ladybug in that holy bath for some good ol' fashioned cleansing.

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