The Christmas House

We live in Christmas-town, USA.... not really, but kind of.

The other day you read about Christmas Village, where the town puts on a helluva show and dazzles the eyes and hearts of kids everywhere; and today, you read about the Christmas House.

I dragged two of my girlfriends to the house the other night 10 minutes before it closed for inside viewings. Yes, INSIDE.

This house is open for 3 hours every night for Visitors to walk around inside (for free).

You cant exactly roam (there is far too much shit to do that)... the house is set up like a tour, with one pathway throughout the whole home.

Anyway, I took my girlfriends and left the kiddos at home with Husband (yes, you read that right).

I knew the Christmas House would knock their socks off, and I wanted to be able to pay attention while their minds were officially blown.

It is Christmas as far as the eye can see. 

From the stairs to the ceilings, not one square inch is left untouched.

The whole thing is kind of weird, and kind of cool... it is impossible to walk through this house and NOT laugh at how ridiculous it is.

The plan is to buy one of those kid leash things, tie Lovebug to it, and attempt to show him the Christmas House one night this week.

The plan is also to not lose him amidst all that crap.


  1. HOLY CHRISTMAS! That's amazing! I might be imagining this-- but I swear I saw this house on the news the other night!

  2. Um whoa! That is a boat load of crap! And how can they decorate for the holiday, I mean, where do they store that stuff all year? I bet they just live like that all freaking year long. Look forward to a follow up post with what your kiddo thinks of it all!


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