If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that this year will be our first doing Christmas at our own home.

Husband and I both had childhood's rich with Christmas tradition, and this year, we will start some of our own for the Bugs.

Starting with this creepy little guy.

Yes, I broke down and bought the freakin' Elf On A Shelf.

We tend to avoid the masses and stray outside the norm for most things, but we jumped on the band wagon for this one.

Why'd we do it??

For no reason other than the hope that Lovebug will behave like a human being, (not a maniac two year old) for the next month.

Call us selfish, but we bought the Elf for us, not him.

Eventually we hope that the Elf will be a tradition that the Bugs looks forward to, but for now, we are using him for all he is worth.

Even though, admittedly I find him super scary.

I'm not a doll person. When I opened the box and saw this pixie faced creeper, I was kinda disappointed he wasn't a little more Will Ferrell "Elf", and less "Nightmare on Elf Street".

Not to mention that the whole mindset behind teaching your child to behave because a teeny, tiny man is watching him is kinda weird... but, it's working so I can't knock it.

And, Lovebug was excited about it from minute one.

The Elf was "delivered to our house by one of Santa's helpers," after Lovebug went to bed.

When he woke up, we read the Elf book (which explains that the Elf will watch you from his perch, report to Santa, and then hide somewhere new the next day) and ran around looking for the little guy.

As soon as we found him hiding (on top of the microwave), Lovebug named him (per the instructions of the book).

What'd he name him??

Wonky Wonk.

As in, Honky Tonk, but with W's.

I was all, "You're sure... Wonky Wonk?? You wanna stick with that??"

And Lovebug took off, "Daddy!!! Wonky Wonk is on the microwave!!!"

I have to hand it to that little Elf, Lovebug has been behaving like a little sugar plum since he arrived.

I know it is dumb, but it makes me laugh anyway.

For now, Lovebug doesn't get the whole Wonky Wonk flies to the North Pole every night and lands somewhere new every morning thing.

Which is why Lovebug has already made a habit of running to the microwave looking for the little guy.

What can I say, the kid's a sucker for tradition.

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  1. I might be buying one today. Meg really wants one. I had told them the elf has been too scared to come to our house in years prior!!


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