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Okay, since I still cant show you Ladybug's nursery (fail)... I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek of some super easy art I made for her room instead.

If I am going to be honest with you, it is only "art" because it is framed on the wall... it is hardly something that I actually made with my two hands.

I have been trying to be budget conscience throughout the course of this nursery re-do. So, I stepped outside of the box and thought, how can I get 3 pieces of artwork for less than $15 and not really lift a finger?

Cards. Yup, greeting cards.

Ladybug and I headed to Tar-Jay, I found some cupcake cards, and bought frames with almost no actual "frame," since I knew I was dealing with a skinny wall.

I wasn't diggin' the original black of the no-frame frames, so I painted them with some Martha Stewart paint I had on hand.

If I were to do this again, I'd pick a different frame because I had to push the glass through the front of the no-frame frame, which made some of the paint chip off. Boo.

Anyway, after I got all my non-frame frames painted,  I put the cards in and called it a day... oh wait, no I didn't.

I said this art was "sweet," didn't I?

Yup, I did (look at the title, see, "Sweet").

Now the reason this art is sweet, is not because they are cupcakes, though that they are.

The reason this art is sweet is because I hand wrote a note to Ladybug inside each card.


I figured it'd be cool for her to open them up years from now when she is 5 or 6 and asks to change things up in her room. By then I will probably definitely have forgotten ever doing this, and I will be excited to see what I wrote too.

What did I write?

I toyed around with this and decided I didn't want them to just be, "I love you, I am obsessed with you, blah blah," cards, for fear when she did open them, Lovebug would be jealous.

I did write how blessed we were to have her in our family in one and of course mentioned her brother, too.

In the others, I told her about our trip to the store to buy these cards together  (maybe Tar-Jay will be called something different when she opens these, like, "Try to Buy Just One Thing, I Dare Ya"), and I told her about our family.

I told her that I had learned from my mother to keep an, "Open Door Policy," at home, to welcome anyone and everyone with open arms, and whatever you can scrape together in the fridge.

Or order on the phone, whatever.

I told her I hoped one day she would raise her family with a, "The More the Merrier," attitude, like we strive to raise ours.

And I told her that if one day, she hands me a framed card, says it's "art," and tells me to hang it on my wall; I will call her "Picasso," sing her praises from the mountain tops, and get my hammer.

Check out what real artsy bloggers are doing here... These women put my "non-art, art," to shame.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I will definitely be borrowing this... : )


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