Not So Wordless Wednesday

The older Lovebug gets, the harder it is for me to keep Wednesday "Wordless".

If you ask me, a picture like this:

Needs an explanation.

Now it's not a good explanation, but it's an explanation all the same... so keep that in mind.

Lovebug found a piece to my breast pump and immediately claimed it as his horn.

When I try to take it from him, he tells me he is, "No Mom, I'm in the band! I'm in the band!"

Add to the breast pump/horn; a cheap-o $1 "knight" hat, a "watch" made out of a sheet fastener, and a bare booty... and you've got yourself a pretty happy two year old.


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  1. I don't think it could get much better than this.

  2. Awesome- my niece used to be obsessed with pretending to pump. She was so used to seeing both my sister and myself do it, she couldn't understand why she couldn't do it, too.


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